MAVLift 880 Indoor Glazing Robot

When your project requires a slightly larger unit, the MAVLift 880 is ready for service. Offering the MAVLift’s signature Synchronous Controls that keep the suction unit at a constant inclination angle automatically, the MAVLift 880 preforms with precision while lifting up to 880 lbs on a compact chassis measuring less than 3 feet across. Add the optional boom extension and you now have a precision robot that can install glass at heights of almost 14 feet overhead.

With a variety of optional features and accessories, customize your MAVLift 880 into a smart lifting robot that works for you!

Glazing Tool | Install Doors MAVLift 880
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  • Maximum Lifting Capacity of 880lbs
  • Lifting Unit Electrically Turns in All Directions and Telescopes to the Front
  • Electrical Rotation +/- 45° – In addition the unit can manually rotated 360° and fixable in four position
  • Synchronous Controls- Automatically keeps a constant inclination angle of suction unit
  • Advanced Articulated Joint- Allows for additional electric articulation of suction unit so it may swivel from the horizontal plane to overhead
  • Adjustable Suction Frame
  • Tethered Remote Control
  • Suitable for Overhead Lifting
  • 4″ Lateral Sideshift (left and right)
  • 180° Suction Unit Rotation (manual left and right)
  • 90° Slew of Vacuum Unit (left and right)
  • Gas Pressure Damper -For a high durability of servo-cylinder and to compensate large impacts while driving on uneven ground
  • Dual Vacuum Circuit with Two Vacuum Pumps
  • Robotic Arm Powered by Electric Actuators for Precision Control
  • Operates on Two 12v DC Rechargeable Batteries or While Plugged into Standard Outlet
  • Safety Features Include -Overload Switch, Stop Switch, and Vacuum Lost/Overloading Indicator
  • Electrical Slewing +/- 90° – Electrically powered slewing of suction frame- not combinable with Electrical Rotation- must be combined with Advanced Articulated Joint
  • Manual Boom Extension- Adds 3′ of Additional Boom that is Manually Actuated with 5 pin positions- must be combined with Advanced Articulated Joint
  • Electrical Additional Boom Extension- Adds 3′ Electrically Actuated Boom- must be combined with Advanced Articulated Joint
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Indoor Non-Marking Tires
  • Curved Glass Frame
  • Load Forks for utilizing your MAVLift for material handling
  • Hook Adapter – Remove the cup system and add a lifting hook to your MAVLift
  • Fork Lift Platform – Utilize your MAVLift as an extension of your Forklift
  • LED Light- LED with Magnetic socket powered by the machines battery pack
  • Loading Ramp- 8″ x 3′ 2200lbs max load ramps for easy loading into a transport vehicle or trailer
  • Weather Cover for MAVLift 880
Max Load Capacity 880 lbs
Counterweight Weights 12 x 49 lbs
Machine Weight (without counterweights) 1264lbs
Machine Weight (with removable counterweights installed) 1852lbs
Jib Angle 125°
Maximum Permitted Slope: 10°
Powered Lateral Sideshift 4″
Power Requirements Battery: 110v/240v charger
Pump: 12v DC
Load Capacity of Suction Unit 880 lbs
Vacuum System 2 Vacuum Pumps, 4 Cups