MAVLift 3080 Indoor Glazing Robot

The largest robot available and designed to lift glass up to 3080 lbs, the MAVLift 3080 leaves nothing to be desired. Offering a Hydraulic Turning and Slewing Head (HDS), Multi-function Wireless Remote Control, and an Adjustable Suction Frame with Quick Connect Couplings all as standard features, the MAVLift 3080 is a well thought out, complete unit. Like the smaller models, the MAVLift 3080 can also double as a forklift with the optional load forks connected, and with the machine measuring in at under 4’4″ wide and under 5’7″ high, travel through double doors is easy.

Engineered by listening to the needs of the glazing industry, when your project requires complicated, heavy lifting, look no further than the MAVLift 3080.

  • MAV Lift Glass lift
  • MAV Lift Glazing Tools
  • MAV Lift Glazing Tools
  • MAV Lift Glazing Tools
  • MAV Lift Glazing Tools
  • MAV Lift Glass lift
  • MAV Lift Glass lift
  • Maximum Lifting Capacity of 3080 lbs
  • Lifting Unit Turns in All Directions and Telescopes to the Front
  • 3-D Hydraulic Head (includes Hydraulic Tilt, Rotation, and Slew Functions)
  • 360° Hydraulic Rotation of Vacuum Unit
  • 90° Hydraulic Slew of Vacuum Unit (left and right)
  • 90° Hydraulic Tilt of Vacuum Unit (up and down)
  • Adjustable Suction Frame
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Suitable for Overhead Lifting
  • 8″ Lateral Sideshift (left and right)
  • Dual Vacuum Circuit with Four Vacuum Pumps
  • Operates on Two 12v DC Rechargeable Batteries or While Plugged into Standard Outlet
  • Safety Features Include -Overload Switch, Stop Switch, and Vacuum Lost/Overloading Indicator
  • Indoor Non-Marking Tires
  • Curved Glass Frame
  • Load Forks for utilizing your MAVLift for material handling
  • Load Hook
  • LED Light- LED with Magnetic socket powered by the machines battery pack
  • Loading Ramp- 8.5′ x 3.4′ 6834 lbs max load ramp for easy loading into a transport vehicle or trailer
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Max Load Capacity 3080 lbs
Max Load Capacity Swiveled to the Side for Travel 1320 lbs
Counterweight Weights 6 x 49 lbs
20 x 68 lbs
Machine Weight (without removable counterweights installed) 4057 lbs
Machine Weight (with removable counterweights installed) 5711 lbs
Jib Angle 130°
Maximum Permitted Slope:
Powered Lateral Sideshift 8″
Power Requirements Battery: 110v/240v charger
Pump: 12v DC
Load Capacity of Suction Unit 3080 lbs
Vacuum System 4 Vacuum Pumps, 14 Cups