The MAVLift™ is the Ideal Solution for Glaziers, Stone Masons, and those working with Architectural Metals. A MAVLift is a self propelled, mobile piece of equipment used by many glazing contractors for glass install, curtain-wall, aluminum panels, or other materials. Designed and built by the German company KS Schulten, MAVLift products are constructed with the highest quality craftsmanship for durability and reliability. Offering vacuum lifts rated at over a 3000 pound maximum capacity, the MAVLift offers smart lifting solutions for projects both big and small.

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What is a MAVLift Glass Lifting Robot?

Allowing for safer lifts and faster installs, the MAVLift is quickly becoming the clear choice for professional glaziers everywhere.

Mobile Articulated Vacuum Lift- MAVLift but what does that really mean? A MAVLift is a self propelled, mobile piece of equipment used by many glazing contractors to set glass, curtain-wall, aluminum panels, or other materials.The lifting unit can be turned in all directions and telescoped to the front. Developed by the KS Schulten Company the MAVLift was specially designed with a powerful vacuum suction system and precision controls. Appropriate for lateral or overhead lifting, the MAVLift offers Synchronous Controls that keep the lifting unit at a constant inclination angle while being lifted. Reliable and designed for safety, the MAVLift’s vacuum system is equipped with two separate vacuum cycles and two independently working pumps.Proven an effective tool by glaziers in Europe, glass lifting robots are still new to North America. Because of the requests for this type of machine from many of the glazing industry leaders, Smiley Lifting Solutions felt an obligation to expand their scope of business. Already offering the industry leading SPYDERCRANE mini crawler, Unic and Terex Boom Trucks, Scorpion Lifts, and other equipment, Smiley Lifting Solutions partnered up with Europe’s most trusted manufacturer of glass lifting robots, the KS Schulten Company.Branded the MAVLift in North America, the German ingenuity, engineering, and quality of these glass lifting robots will not disappoint. Backed by KS Schulten offering 40 years of experience in engineering, manufacturing, and service, and supported by Smiley Lifting Solutions with over 30 years of experience in the service and lifting industry, you can have the upmost of confidence in your MAVLift rental or purchase.