MAVLift 770 Off-Road Glazing Robot

The Mavlift 770 Off-road might be the smallest of the off-road series, but it comes standard with some of the series most attractive options. Offering a lifting capacity of up to 770 lbs and the Advanced Articulating Joint as a standard feature, the MAVLift 770 can pick up glass or materials from the floor or counter height and tilt them into an overhead position seamlessly. Couple the range of the Advanced Articulating Joint and the MAVLift’s signature Synchronous Controls, (which ensure a constant inclination angle of the vacuum unit) and you have a high performance and versatile lifting robot.

Built for unfinished or unrefined jobsites, the Mavlift 770 has rugged tires and high performance front wheel drive. Built to be compact enough to fit though standard doors or in an elevator, this off-road glass lifting robot makes moving and installing glass safer and faster.

Max Load Capacity 770 lbs
Counterweight Weights 6 x 37 lbs
4 x 57 lbs
Machine Weight (without counterweights) 723 lbs
Machine Weight (with removable counterweights installed) 1173 lbs
Jib Angle 125°
Maximum Permitted Slope: 16°
Powered Lateral Sideshift 4″
Power Requirements Battery: 110v/240v charger
Pump: 12v DC
Load Capacity of Suction Unit 770 lbs
Vacuum System 2 Vacuum Pumps, 4 Cups