MAVLift Portable 400 Glazing Tool

The MAVLift Portable 400 is the answer that many glaziers have been looking for. The first ultra portable lifting device with electric drive and electrically operated vacuum suction unit, MAVLift Portable 400 is specially made for installations of windows on upper floors. Easily dismantled in just a few steps and with no single piece weighing more than 60 lbs, the MAVLift Portable 400 is the perfect glazing tool to turn a complicated project into a quick job.

For added versatility the removable suction unit on the MAVLift Portable 400 is rated at 620lbs. Remove the suction unit and install it as a free hanging cup system on one of the MAVLift Elevator Lifts.

  • MAVLift Portable 400 Glazing Tool Picture
  • MAV Lift Glazing Tools 400
  • Disassembles to 6 easily portable components
  • 400 lbs Maximum Machine Capacity
  • Removable Battery Driven Vacuum Suction Unit with Hanging Hook Feature (620 lbs cup capacity when used independently of the Portable 400 Machine)
  • Wired Remote Control
  • Electrically Powered Boom with Lift, Extend, Tilt & Lower Functionality
  • 90° sideways slewable suction unit for load transport through narrow spaces
  • Flexible suction unit with 360° rotation
  • Electric rear wheel drive for smooth driving
  • Quick Disconnect Couplings for Suction Pads
  • 24 Volt Battery Power
  • Suction Cup Protection Covers
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