MAVLift 2200 Indoor Glazing Robot

Like its sister model the MAVLift 3080, the smaller MAVLift 2200 is built for serious lifting, transporting, and setting of commercial or specialty glass and materials. Able to set glass or materials weighing over 2200 lbs, hydraulically slew materials 90° for easy transport, or set glass with precision, the MAVLift 2200 is a thoughtful and magnificently engineered glazing tool.

For specialty glass, the MAVLift 2200 offers an adjustable suction frame. Rotate glass 360° or tilt the suction unit overhead seamlessly with the standard Hydraulic Turning and Slewing Head (HDS) system.

Max Load Capacity 2200 lbs
Max Load Capacity Swiveled to the Side for Travel 1100 lbs
Counterweight Weights 14 x 49 lbs
10 x 68 lbs
Machine Weight (without counterweights installed) 3440lbs
Machine Weight (with removable counterweights installed) 4806 lbs
Jib Angle 110°
Maximum Permitted Slope: 10°
Powered Lateral Sideshift 8″
Power Requirements Battery: 110v/240v charger
Pump: 12v DC
Load Capacity of Suction Unit 2200 lbs
Vacuum System 4 Vacuum Pumps, 10 Cups